• Studies suggest that possum excrement is comprised with bacteria that can cause some severe diseases like ulcer.
  • Exposure to their faces can cause functional disability for a long-term.
  • It is illegal to kill a possum in Australia, so when you are dealing with possums you need to be extra careful so that you don’t get into a legal problem.

When it comes to possum removal from your property, things can get little tricky and that’s where we come in. Do not worry, we will give you a management plan to help get rid of possum infestation.


Pests that are found in home are very common problem in Newcastle area. Spiders, possums, Cockroaches, bed bugs, and rodents and many more you may be familiar with. When it comes to fleas we generally assign them to our pets.

But do you know it can harm your family and loved ones too. That is the reason you should take help from professional exterminators. At Smart Pest Management we are dedicated to help eradicate pests from your home.


  • Are you tired of spider webs in all over your walls and furniture?
  • Is spider webs are putting you in an embarrassing situation in front of your guests?

If yes then you need professional help right away. It is really not just about a spider on the wall spiders are not always poisonous but few species are poisonous and it’s hard to tell which one is what.

So do you really want to take that risk? After all it’s about your loved ones and beautifully set up home. No, right, so contact professional pest control service straight away.


  • Are you seeing roaches all over your home and kids in your home are scared of them?
  • Is your kitchen a new home for roaches?

Roaches in your home and especially kitchen can really disturb hygiene of your home. It can be harmful for your family and loved ones. It is very important to ensure that your home and kitchen or any food storage place is free of cockroaches’ infestation.

You can take care of basic cleanliness to ensure that roaches are not affecting the food and surrounding of your children. But to eradicate roaches forever is something you will need professional help for. You need to opt for pest control services to prevent cockroaches entering your home.


  • Are you a collector and like reading books but silverfish is just damaging your books?
  • Are your old things from basement are getting damaged because of silverfish?

Silverfish can really harm your books foods like carbohydrate, sugar, and starch and it is really tough to locate them so that makes it difficult to get rid of. At Smart Pest Management we have professional exterminator who will give you remedies for the damage and help you get rid of silverfish infestation.


  • Are you tired of seeing feather flocks, nuisances in front of your yard or windows?
  • There are pests like seagull, pigeon, house sparrows, and starlings which can spread diseases?

Most birds are just experts in making nest in corner areas of your home. They will manage to build their nest there and allowing them long enough is just means you are giving them a long term place to just be around.

Their noises and droppings even the things they will bring creating garbage. There is not only one reason to get rid of them. You can take help from pest control services, we at Smart Pest Management make sure we don’t disrupt the eco system but we do make them evacuate your property without any health hazard.

Bee Removal

  • Do you know bee sting can cause very serious problems in a human body?
  • There are few diseases like difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, hives, increases heart rate, drop in blood pressure and many more are caused by bees.

They generally come looking for place to make their hive a tree or corner. If you see them in your home flying around your house just know that they are there to stay. There stings are very dangerous for anyone and if you have children then it can be your worst nightmare. Take professional help to eradicate bee infestation.

Bed Bugs

  • Your bed is the place you go to when you need to forget the daily hassle or to take a nap. Isn’t it frustrating that after a long day of busy life when you go to your bed you find out you bed has bed bugs?
  • Bed bugs are just not the thing you want to see after a long day.

You need to get rid of them? Well you are in the right place. We can help you in every way possible when it comes to bed bugs. We understand in how many ways bed bugs can be harmful to you and we have professional experts working for us to ensure your safety.

We are a licensed and skill team who are dedicated to their work and are immensely proud of our results and experiences. We are always here to help you with any bed bug problems.


  • Are you tired of seeing a long line of ants in your kitchen or in your home?
  • Are your children have been stung by the ants a lot of times?

If you the answer is yes then it is safe to say that your home have ants’ infestation. Ants are a tiny creature and come in a group. If you kept your food outside you will be able to- ants all over it and with this comes the painful stings. Ants are in many ways harmful and can contaminate the hygiene of your house.

It is important to understand all the aspects and then make a plan to eradicate ants for good. But who will do that? You can always turn to a professional service to make sure you are free of ants’ infestation.

Rodent Control

  • Do you see gowning marks all over your favorite furniture and structure?
  • Are you frustrated to see bite marks in your clothes?
  • Food items are damaged because rodents are cutting the seal open?

We can understand the struggle and no worries we will help you get rid of them too. If you have rodent infestation you will know it. Wherever they go they make sure they make their presence feel and that is by just damaging your things. Well you can’t remove them from your home on your own. They are very adaptable they eat almost everything and can survive in any situation.

That is where we come in and take matter in our hands to ensure that they are not harmed but are not in your home damaging anything anymore. Take help from experts and get rid of them for good.

Wasp Removal

  • Are you feeling threatened by the wasp flying around in your home?
  • Are your children in danger because of them?

Well they are very dangerous and your concerns are right. Wasp stings can do serious harm to you especially to your children. They can bites multiple times which make them more dangerous. They will make their home in cracks and corners of your home and it is dangerous for you if you disturb that. So always take help from equipped professionals to get rid of them forever.

It is recommended to take help from licensed professionals rather than DIY because you can hurt yourself by disturbing their nest and their sting hurts a lot and sometimes can affect your health. If you have children in your home than you need to get rid of the wasp as soon as possible cause their sting can be more dangerous to them.